Petroleum Engineering Consulting & Training

Canmore Consulting specialises in oil and gas petroleum engineering consulting and training direct to oil and gas companies and through consulting companies. Despite the down-turn, we are still busy with a up-turn in training through the remainder of 2016 and several interesting consulting projects.

Specific expertise:

  • Completion design
  • Tubing and casing stress analysis (including annulus pressure build up, wellhead growth, complex wells)
  • HPHT well design (including HPHT shale gas)
  • Carbon capture and storage
  • Well design reviews - non-confrontational and technically proficient
  • Independent valuations and investment advice
  • Artificial lift and well performance, especially troubleshooting
  • Material selection
  • Sand control and sand production prediction
  • Training in completion design, tubing and casing analysis, well interventions and other related subjects

We have worked directly with BP, Det Norske, AGR, BG, Beach Energy, Aurelian, Apache, Maersk, Lighstream, Nexen, Baker RDS, Perenco, Pemex, Moscow Business Institute, QRI, Santos, Enquest, First Reserve and PetroEdge. Indirectly we have worked with many others including Chevron and Shell. We offer training - directly or via TRACS International, Nautilus, PetroEdge and several other international training providers.

There is also a full colour book with 700+ pages: "Well Completion Design" published by Elsevier. Contact us for bulk orders (more than 1) or read the reviews and obtain your copy from or your local Amazon website.